AIDirections developed an AI Readiness Model (AI RM) to support organizations in identifying their status of readiness for AI projects, which is a crucial factor to success. This model is based on three contributors, which might be in place for an already advanced organization but might not be in place for everyone. These contributors to successful AI projects are:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Governance
  • AI Readiness
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How to use it

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  • The main part of the application is exposed under the menu item "Readiness Model" once you logged in.
  • Clicking on "Readiness Model" takes you to the application where you are presented with a number of menus to fill in the questionnaires.
  • Questionnaire answers are saved only by clicking on the "Save" button under each questionnaire page.
  • The "Report" menu item provides you with a report based on the questionnaires and is provided in a Microsoft Word format for further editing should it be necessary.

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What is new in this version

  • GDPR privacy support
  • Use of OpenID identity providers to enhance security.

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